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Rubber Hoses: Attentions in Using

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Due to complicated species, various structure and different usage terms of rubber hoses, how long the rubber hoses can be used are dependent not only on their quality but also on the correct use and maintain. Thereby, even if the rubber hoses have high quality, if you do not use and maintain it correctly, the rubber hoes will not be used longer and cause serious accident so as to make great loss to property. Now we’d like to give you some suggestions in using.
1. Rubber hoses must be in strict use according to different species and specifications. Incorrect use and substitution is prohibited.
2. Rubber hoses are not allowed to be excessively curved in order to avoid distort at some part.
3. In order to avoid inner steel wire moving, the diameter of the bending arc which is used for pulling rubber hoses can not be less 20 times than the rubber hoses’ inner diameter.
4. Rubber hoses must be strictly used in specified working pressure range.
5. During the using, rubber hoses especially rubber hoses with metal frame are not allowed to be stacked by heavy items and other unnecessary machinery..
6. Try to avoid direct sunlight and not to be close to the heat equipment during the using.
7. Inner of rubber hoses (especially acid-transportation hose, fog-jetting hose and slurry hose etc.) must be cleaned neatly when in using.
8. Chosing the suitable metal tie-in and specification, assembling reasonably, especially high pressure rubber hoses, so as not to damage themselves.
9. When using high pressure rubber hoses, the radius of the curve should not be less than that listed in the specified range. The excessive curve of rubber hoses will affect anti-squeeze effect, so as to cause tiredness ahead of schedule.
10. In order to extend its period, regular inspection, should be made according to relevant request when using anti-squeeze rubber hoses, anti-chemical medicine and organic impregant rubber hoses.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Qingdao Haianmei Rubbers Co., Ltd. Thank you!