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Rubber Hoses: Attentions in Transportation and Storage

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1. During the transportation, rubber hoses must be stored in circle or adjust flatly and tidily in the truck. In order to avoid the wear and tear of rubber hoses, they are not allowed to be stacked by other products.
2. Truck used for rubber hose transportation must not be put in acid, alkali, oil and organic impregnant etc.
3. In order not to destroy the rubber hoses with metal helix during transportation, they need to be put lightly and carefully.
4. When rubber hoses are stored in the open air, platform and dock, they must be putted tidily and flatly on flat ground, then covered by oilcloth.
5. Rubber hoses should be stored in a place which can avoid organic impregant, they also need to be put one meter away from heat equipment.
6. Storage temperature of storeroom should be kept between -15℃---+40℃, the relative humidity should be between 50-80%.
7. During storage, rubber hoses should be put flatly. Height of piles of rubber hoses placed in coil should not be more than 1.5 meters. Piles of rubber hoses placed flatly should not be more than 1 meter high. Rubber hoses should be overturned each quarter during storage.
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